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Design Truisms to Ponder About

Anthony Dickens recently shared, on a Linkedin discussion, a list of Design Truisms written by Tim Parsons. Tim is an Associate Professor in Designed Objects in the AIADO Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. It was written in 2004 for a Design Mart exhibition at the London Museum. I’ve reproduced it in text form below for our easy discussion and dissection.

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The Universe and Forever

Food for thought. By Wendy MacNaughton


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4 Vital Tips for Surviving an Industry Where Good Design Is Abundant

Good design and designers everywhere, just browse the Internet and you will see.

From the comfort of your laptop you can consume the hottest cars, furniture, digital cameras, laptops or mobile phones etc. Sure there are some great designs, but the rest of the majority are getting pretty good. Moreover where there is good design, there are also good designers.

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Minding Our Own Business

Let the design team be the design experts. Your job is to be the business expert. Ask them how their design solutions meet your business goals. If you trust your design team, and they can explain how their recommendations map to those goals, you’re fine. If you neither trust them, nor can they defend their choices it’s time to get a new design team. ~ Mike Monteiro

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To Me, Design Is…

A cool video compilation of design quotes from design luminaries as well as the clients of interaction design consultancy Vostok. If only we all had clients like Vostok’s…


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Why Do So Many Designs or Products Look the Same?

This article was originally published on Yanko Design and is reproduced here for reference as well as for Design Sojourn readers that do not frequent that site.

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The Future of Computing is Tablets and More!

This awesome infographic (below), created by the team at Focus, predicts that Tablets (iPad et al.) will be the future of computing. According to the data, 14% of online shoppers intent to purchase an iPad in the next five months. This equates to 28 Million people planning to buy the iPad in the next 5 months. Even though people don’t often do what they say, if we even consider 10% of buyers following through, that is still a lot of iPads.

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Traits of Successful Design Managers

It has been awhile since but we had a guest post here at Design Sojourn. This one has been written by Sharon, a good friend and fellow designer. I hope you enjoy it!

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A Look Inside the Sketchbooks of 12 Top Designers - Stefan Sagmeister

I love the wire-framing sketches of his book!
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20 Awesome Educational Videos on Design

I’ve always believed that videos were one of the best things to happen to learning on the Internet. Now people from all around the world can see beyond just the word and fully appreciate a presenter’s facial nuances and tone of voice.

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