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8 New Year Resolutions All Designers Should Have

We are two weeks deep into the New Year and I am sure all of you have already hit the ground running. If you are anything like me, then you probably either forgotten to make a New Year’s resolution or could not think of one. Therefore I’ve decided to save everyone the trouble and compiled a quick list of 8 New Year resolutions I think designers should have. Just pick one and enjoy!

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Implementing Design Thinking 2: Have the Guts to Say it Sucks

I’ve found that one of the big reasons why Design Thinking fails in organizations, is that no one has the guts to stand up and say that an idea/concept/proposition sucks.

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The Time It Takes for Innovation at Heinz Worries Me

It was reported by the Wall Street Journal that the executives at Heinz spent 3 years developing a new larger ketchup packet that contains 3 times more ketchup than the original.

Some people rip off the corner of the packet with their teeth. Others, while driving, squirt the ketchup directly into their mouth, then add fries. Some forgo fries at the drive-through all together to keep from creating a mess in the car.

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Apple’s Inconsistent Aesthetics

James Higgs writes an interesting article about the inconsistencies of Apple’s aesthetics. In one corner you have Apple’s sublime and minimal industrial design where every corner or radii has been considered.

These devices have become increasingly simple and pared down, even as the power contained in them has increased. There is very little, if anything, extraneous on the Magic Trackpad or the MacBook Air.

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How Creatives Work and The Future of Desks

Check out this great little video, by Aaron Trinder, on how designers or creative people work within a space and how this may impact how we design desks in the future. Some food for thought?
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Google Slams the Nokia + Microsoft Deal, Then Buys Motorola Mobility?

Sadly WebOS/HP is no more…

In a surprising about face, Google, who not long ago slammed the Nokia and Microsoft deal, goes ahead to buy Motorola Mobility a spinoff company (setup in January 2011) that focuses on mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets.

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Adding a Human Touch to the Future of Mobile Experiences

Amid Moradganjeh, a Masters student at the Umeå Institute of Design, dropped me an email with a link to his thesis project done in collaboration with Microsoft. Rimino, is a next generation mobile device interface concept that wants to be intuitive, prioritizes human needs, and focuses on enhancing the human experience.

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Time to Get Things Done

The photos do a good job of showing how this thing works. Here, in the first picture, some plucky worker has marked the clock with his goals for the day:


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The Struggle Continues in Measuring the Value of Design

It’s not easy describing the value of design. Even looking to describe the value of design being optimistic. I often get by by reducing the discussion to 2 scenarios; what happens when design is used and when design is not. So it did not come as a surprise to me that at the recent Design Management Institute (DMI) meet up in Copenhagen, they concluded that the value of design can’t be measured”…or at least not in any standardized way”.

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Design Is Really Business Risk Management

When I talk to clients about budgets required to bring good design to the table, I get a lot of interesting looks and comments from them that imply one thing: they feel that design is a risky part of their business.

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