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Brand Evolution Problems

This month’s round-up of articles I’ve read focuses on brand evolution problems. Companies usually need to evolve in order to remain relevant to changing customers and to continue to grow. But many have difficulty figuring out how to do so or adapting their organizations.

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Customer Service Ain’t What It Used To Be

In preparing for a talk to a group of customer contact center managers, I’ve come to the conclusion that customer service ain’t what it used to be. There is a brand of new customer service in play today.

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Brand Book Bites from Hug Your Haters

The book: Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers, a vital resource for leveraging customer service as marketing

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Employee Engagement Drives Customer Engagement

It seems obvious:  employee engagement drives customer engagement. If you treat your employees well, they’re more likely to create great customer experiences. But while this truth may be obvious, how to achieve it may not be. How do you engage your employees? What does excellent employee engagement look like? I found a lot of helpful answers to these questions in my readings this past month.

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Designing Brilliant Customer Experiences in the Sharing Economy

Companies like Airbnb and Uber seem to have less control over customer experience and seem to be managing multiple stakeholders whose interests are sometimes at odds. How does that impact the way you design customer experience?

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Don’t Settle for Being an “-er Brand”

I originally wrote this piece for the Harvard Business Review. It was published on on March 28, 2014.

As a member of a start-up advisory program, I regularly hear pitches from aspiring technology entrepreneurs. My job is to sort out the companies with potential from those that need to go back to the drawing board. One way I do this is to use what I call the “-er brand” filter.

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Back to Brand Basics

Given all the new media options and technology capabilities today, it’s easy to forget the essential truths about brands. I read several reminders this past month about getting back to brand basics.

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Extraordinary Experiences Interview with Sally Smith, CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings

Here’s an interview with Sally Smith, CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings, the casual dining restaurant chain.

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Troubleshoot Your Business

Has your growth stalled? Do you struggle to become more innovative? Do you think you’re losing control of your brand? Are you concerned you haven’t figured out your new business strategy? …your customer experiences? …or your employee morale?

In the 25+ years I’ve been helping business leaders address significant challenges like these, I’ve discovered that there is one quality that distinguishes those who are able to thrive and grow despite the headwinds of a tough economy, aggressive competitors, and changing markets.

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2016 Will Be the Year of Customer Experience

This past month I consumed a slew of content about customer experience, which has led me to the conclusion that 2016 will be the year of customer experience.

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