Ed Should Do His Demographics Homework

Speeches at political conferences are not renowned for their intellectual brilliance but they do provide, especially when it is the first one of a new party leader, a good idea about their major ‘branding’ themes.

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Facebook Reckons the World Ends at 64

This article points out that Facebook’s demographic targeting ends at 64 years old – after that you are history.

This got me thinking. I wonder how many people in the UK are on Facebook aged 50-64.

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Why Firms Fail to Leverage Trends

This month’s HBR has an article titled: “Trends that could shake up your business.”

The commentary that interested me was that explaining why companies fail to leverage trends – like sticking their sand in sand and hoping the population ageing will go away.

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Landmark Report about the Impact of Age and Education on the Distribution of Wealth

“What does the distribution of wealth tell us about future retirement resources?”

This report was produced by the IFS for the DWP. It is a well researched document and provides a valuable insight into the ownership of wealth in the UK. It is a long report, 90 pages, stuffed full of data.

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Is Television Advertising for Old People?

The median age of prime-time television viewers (in the US) is nearing 51 years old.

In words of one syllable, this means that more than half of all prime-time viewers are outside of the advertiser's favourite demographic of 18-49. The medium that has long been synonymous with massive reach is quickly becoming the most efficient way to reach lots of old people!

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Horror of All Horrors – Apple Might Be Appealing to an Older Demographic

I just love this snippet, from Power Lunch, where finance commentators meet a tech commentator, from CNET. Not much mutual understanding. What is a hoot is the worry that Apple might be trouble because it is appealing to an older demographic. Well done Apple I say.


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Who Watches Online Video?

Pew Internet has just published a report about the demographics of Web video in the US - The State of Online Video.

No great shocks. Bottom line. Web video is mighty important. The more wealthy you are, the better educated you are the more likely you are to watch. No surprise there then. I am surprised at how fast the in propensity to use video (by age) changed in two years.

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The Aging Chinese Marketplace: Lessons for Marketers

This is a subject that Kim Walker, the Asia Pacific 50-plus business expert, knows a lot about. Kim has contributed a chapter, about the ageing of the countries in Asia Pacific, in particular China, to the new version of my book that is being translated in Chinese for publication at the end of this year.

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The Latest Data about Demographics of iPhone Users

Here is the most up to date data I could find about the age profile of iPhone users


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Race and Social Network Sites: Putting Facebook's Data in Context

A few weeks ago, Facebook's data team released a set of data addressing a simple but complex question: How Diverse is Facebook? Given my own work over the last two years concerning the intersection of race/ethnicity/class and social network sites, I feel the need to respond. And, with pleasure, I'm going to respond by sharing a draft of a new paper.

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