The Land of Lost Brands

Though I often like to riff on smart or silly marketing decisions, I'm more interested in the business strategy behind brands. In considering Dell and Starbucks, I'd have to say that both companies are utterly and somewhat similarly lost

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Next Business Day

Remember Dell Hell?

In 2005, Jeff Jarvis got a lemon of a laptop and made the story of his customer support tribulations public on his blog.

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Dell Makes $3 Million on Twitter. What Can We Learn?

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Customers Are Talking: Dell Acts on Twitter Product Feedback

by: John Caddell

I was interested in this post from the NY Times Bits blog: “Dell Says It Has Earned $3 Million From Twitter.” Selling, after all, is one of the Five Archetypal Business Twitter Strategies.

But I was even more interested when I read this part of the post, almost a throwaway near the end:

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Keeping the Faith

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

Dell has announce that it wants to outsource its factories, thereby putting even greater strains on its belief in the power of its brand.

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Co-creation 1: Mass Customisation

by: Matt Rhodes

Mass customisation is at one end of the co-creation spectrum - each product is customised for the particular customer who is purchasing it. Unlike what we often think of as co-creation, the individual customer does not influence the product for others. But they co-create their own product with the brand to deliver a customised version.

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Measuring Blogging Influence

by: Mark Rogers

To coincide with Les Blogs Market Sentinel are publishing a white paper in association with Onalytica and immediate future

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Dell - Is the Social Media Cure Working?

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Corporations Foster Dialogue On the Environment

by: David Wigder

While many corporations leverage the Internet to distribute information about environmental initiatives, a few companies are going much further by facilitating two-way dialogue with stakeholders.  

Some companies may view such dialogue – via email, web forums, chat rooms and video - as risky, as it may open them up to public scrutiny. Moreover, this sentiment may be especially true today for those brands that compete in carbon-intensive industries. 

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The Road to Dell: Part One

by: David Armano

Unlike Jarvis, my journey on the road to Dell didn't start as a customer—it started as a blogger.

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