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Attractive Women Make Men Impatient

I’ve written a few times about the effects of pictures of attractive women on decision-making by men. In Bikinis, Babes, and Buying, we learned that guys who looked at pictures of bikini-clad women made impulsive decisions. In A Pretty Woman Beats a Good Loan Deal, we found that men accepted higher loan rates when the direct mail offer included a picture of an attractive woman. Do women just make men crazy? Actually, there’s a scientific explanation for these effects.

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Fight Impulse, Imagine the Future

Many of the decisions we make are guided by some kind of reward. Do I go through the McDonalds drive-thru window and get a burger and fries that will light my brain up like a Christmas tree, or do I delay eating until my planned meal-time and consume something healthy?

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You Are What You Choose

Book Review: You Are What You Choose – The Habits of Mind that REALLY Determine How We Make Decisions, by Scott de Marchi and James T. Hamilton

Based on the title and cover art, which shows a head stuffed with objects, I anticipated that You Are What You Choose would be chock full of decision-making insights based on neuroscience and behavioral research. Instead, de Marchi and Hamilton mostly talk about their TRAITS system for categorizing individuals and then predicting subsequent behavior.

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How We Decide

Book Review: How We Decide by Jonah Lehrer

Jonah Lehrer has been translating neuroscience into prose comprehensible by the lay reader for years, and How We Decide helps readers understand and even apply current research in the process of human decision-making.

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Order Effect Affects Orders

The last time you bought a product online, you probably went through a logical analysis of alternative products, prices, features, and so on. And perhaps you really did. Research shows, however, that we are actually far from rational when we buy stuff online - a fact that no doubt that comes as little suprise to Neuromarketing readers. In fact, the order of presentation can be a huge factor in our final decision.

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Paralysis of Analysis: Overthinking and Bad Decisions

Choking isn’t just for golfers and free-throw shooters. A particular kind of “choking,” thinking about the process of doing something instead of just doing it, can affect us all even when performing such mundane tasks as choosing a good-tasting fruit jam.

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Are We in Control of Our Own Decisions?

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Brain Decides, Then Tells You Later

by: Roger Dooley

Understanding how events occur in the brain - how we come to an “aha!” insight, how we make a decision, and so on - fascinates neuroscientists. And anyone interested in neuromarketing can’t help but wonder how we decide between two products, or whether to buy a product at all. And, since we like to believe we are thinking beings, just how rational are those decisions?

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Just Say No

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

If there's a single lesson we brand marketers can learn from the world of politics, it might be that people make choices less because they like something, and more so because they dislike something else.

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Marketers Are Partly to Blame for Commodization by Providing too Many Choices. Marketers Need to See 'Less Is More'

by: Idris Mootee

Choices are a two-way sword. Common sense tells the more choices the better and as consumers we welcome more choices. We are all overrun by brand names, product choices, delivery choices, pricing options and payment options. These explosions of choices together with rising mistrust of corporations together; a bland corporatization of the world, and people just don't know what to believe anymore. More choice can mean less consumption. Companies need to rethink their portfolios.

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