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Prioritization and Decision-Making Tools: The Eisenhower Matrix

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

As customer experience professionals, we have decisions to make; we need to help our executives make decisions; and prioritization is an important part of our decision-making process. Tools to be more efficient and effective with our time and our efforts are priceless!

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Ready. Fire. Aim.

Have you heard the saying, "Ready. Fire. Aim?"

What does it mean?

Shoot before you aim. Shoot (or do anything) before you think or before you think it through. Shoot before you know what you're shooting at. Shoot before you know why you're shooting.

Take your pick.

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The Five Phases of Decision-Making - Part 2

How well does your decision-making process work for you? Are you able to go from decision to solution to action with ease?

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The TMI Effect for Pictures Can Reduce Your Sales

As consumers, we love more pictures of products we’re interested in.

Close-ups, multiple angles, etc. ensure we know what we’re buying. One person might buy a running shoe for its stylish appearance, but another might be most interested in its sole design. Yet another might want to examine the lacing or ventilation.

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Let's Not Confuse Drawing Circles and Arrows with Real Sensemaking

As everything is moving faster and less predictable as it seems, organizations are struggling to understand what it means and what options to take and how to land on the right decisions at the right time. The results are often inactions or delayed responses that cost companies.

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Rethinking Social Media Marketing

Gallup released the results of a consumer survey which found (as reported on the Harvard Business Review blog):

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Misunderstandings About Bank Customer Rationality

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Why Do Consumers Open Bank Accounts?

More goodies from the EY 2014 Global Consumer Banking Survey….

EY asked consumers who had opened and closed bank accounts in the prior 12 months what their reasons for doing so were. Here’s what EY found:

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Some Celebrate Failure. Some Even Romaniticize Failure. The Best Strategy Is to Avoid It!

The new M/I/S/C Bounce Back issue is out in newstand.This issue is packed with great articles about how companies should deal with adversity. It is one of the best issues ever.


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Toyota Acceleration Incident Report Cites Company’s “Skepticism and Defensiveness” to Customers and Regulators

From The Mistake Bank:

The Toyota “North American Quality Advisory Panel,” put together in the wake of the sudden-acceleration incidents in 2009-2010, has released its report, and it’s fascinating reading of how a large company’s strengths can turn into weaknesses under stress. [A copy of the full report is available at this link.]

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