decision factors

Just Say No

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

If there's a single lesson we brand marketers can learn from the world of politics, it might be that people make choices less because they like something, and more so because they dislike something else.

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How 'The Interpreter' Screws Up Market Research

 brain_interpreter.jpgby: Roger Dooley

Most market researchers earn their living by asking questions - what people did, why they did it, what they might do in the future, and so on. The methodology varies - focus groups, Web surveys, interviews, etc. - but in most cases the fundamentals are similar.

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The Confounding Complexities of Building Green

by: Joel Makower

A survey released last week by the World Business Council on Sustainable Development found that key players in real estate and construction overstate the extra costs of green buildings by some 300 percent, "creating a major barrier to more energy efficiency in the building sector."

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Avoiding Fairness Dissonance

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Irrational Investing, Rational Marketing

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Decision Making and the Brain

by: Roger Dooley

Neuroscientists have been working to explain how people make decisions between competing alternatives. Indeed, the field of neuroeconomics has emerged as a small but potentially important field of study.

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