Get Rid of the Calendar, and the Watch too

Post by: Sigurd Rinde

Those are leftovers from the industrial age and the biggest impediment to an effective society.

Before I hear the protest I can just as well agree that sometimes it's needed; like when I'm to meet somebody for a spot of lunch, or when an airplane or train operating company wants to ferry me and 120 other people at the same time, in the same contraption from A to B. Then exact time, and location, is useful.

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Important Differences Between the Customer’s and Supplier’s View of Delivery Dates

I’ve spent most of my career working the interface between suppliers and their B2B customers. One lesson I’ve learned involves understanding how customers view time; specifically, how they view deadlines when their suppliers make promises. Let me explore this by telling two stories.

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Forget Deadlines, Increase Profit and Enjoy Life

by: Sigurd Rinde

We all take deadlines for granted. They're annoying of course, but unquestionable and untouchable.

Forget that. Deadlines are bad, foolish and in most cases basically counterproductive. And there are better ways.

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