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Chief Listening Officer???

As reported in Marketing: How 'Chief Listeners' Track Brand Mentions - Advertising Age, Kodak & Dell have both hired Chief Listening Officers to help them listen to what people are saying about them.

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Really, You Do Control the Message

Earlier today, Giuseppe Pacheco Tweeted "You No Longer Control Your Company’s Brand" with a link to You No Longer Control Your Company's Brand | Spin Sucks. BTW, I responded to Giuseppe right away with a link to one of my earlier posts about this topic and I follow him, so I usually like his links.

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Everything Old Is New Again

For years, people built brands (really their businesses, we didn't know about brands then) by learning how to deliver a consistent experience across everything they did. The product, their service, everything was teed into their business and they're profitability. They got instant feedback from the people who were their customers and word spread, both good & bad, based on the experience that was delivered. If you think about it, it was really all viral and social marketing back then, we just didn't have the technology at we talk about today.

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No Pictures Please

I was reminded of this issue by C.B. Whittemore's post on our recent retail walkabout at Levi's Customer Retail Experience. During our visit to the Levi's store, C.B. asked about taking a picture of their new Curves display and we were told that we couldn't take photos in the store.

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Revisiting Some Thoughts on Listening

I originally wrote this post in March of 2008 on my previous blog and here, 2.5+ years later, I'm still reading posts about how revolutionary it is that we can listen to our customers and that we're not in control any more. I don't buy it, certainly not on a broad basis. Hell, the company that most SM folks love to love, Apple, certainly hasn't given up control.

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People Make the Experience, Technology Enhances It

I've been involved in a number of customer service conversations lately, as I believe that in our social media world, companies are going to have to deal a lot more with customers who complain publicly when things don't go well.

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Be Human & Listen, This Is the Best Advice We Have?


I've been following the CRMe10 event on Twitter and this Tweet popped into the feed:

"Be Human" Wow probably most compelling statement of the entire #CRMe10 event.

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Are Your Frontline Employees Part of Your SM Strategy? - Polinchock's Ponderings

David Teicher, writes in Ad Age, (What Marketers Can Learn From Starbucks' Foursquare Stumble) about a recent experience he had trying to use his coupon for being a Foursquare Mayor at his local Starbucks.

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Digital: Study Says Most Marketers Should Forgo Foursquare - Advertising Age - Digital

A new study out by Forrester seems to indicate that there's not enough people using location based services for marketers to bother with them right now. Although they also suggest that people should experiment with these tools as well.

Well, I also have a study (well, not a study really, just a discussion with some smart folks) that I believe shows something pretty significant:

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Another Reason to Think Oneline™

Yahoo is out with a new study about the internet and WOM and here's the lead stat:

Most WOM is positive, and it still happens the old-fashioned way. Although some advertisers may fear negative WOM, research shows that 66% of brand references in WOM conversations are positive and only 8% are negative.

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