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I recently wrote about the Fast Company Future of Advertising article in Challenging Conventional Thinking and Forbes has a follow-up piece interviewing advertising students about what they think about the future of advertising.

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Challenging Conventional Thinking

UPDATE: As I was writing my post, Fast Company came out with their piece, The Future of Advertising, which has generated a great deal of conversation the challenges facing the advertising industry. What's interesting is that the same challenges facing the biz were probably said when we moved to from print to radio; from radio to TV and every time something new arrived. I recently wrote:

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If All Movies Had Smartphones

It's funny when I watch an older movie with Sydney and she can't understand why they just don't look something up online or use their cell phone. She sometimes forgets that those things didn't exist when I was a kid.

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Seeing Video Ads Everywhere

In 1971, Herb Simon said:

What does an abundance of information create? Basically a scarcity of attention.

And the interesting thing about the quote below from Samuel Johnson was that it was written in 1751. So, one hundred and fifty years ago, people were complaining that there were too many ads in the world.

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The First Location Based Storytelling

The images above are from the Lascaux cave in France and are estimated to be about 16,000 years old. I've been playing around with some new images for business cards and thought of images like this when I began my search. To me, they represent two of the most basic things that I talk about:

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Not so fast - NYPOST.com

So, as the ad industry continues to talk about how the consumer is in control, they also spend a great deal of time trying to figure how to take away that control from them. How's this for a quote:

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Are We Overhyping This Whole Movement/Tribe Thing?

Have you seen any movies set in the future, say Blade Runner or Minority Report? What do you notice about those films as it relates to the future of advertising? Yep, that all of that time in the future and advertising is still pretty pervasive. In fact, it's even more pervasive then it is today. Think of those giant billboards from Blade Runner or the famous (or infamous, depending on your POV) scene where retinal scanners welcome Tom Cruise to the Gap. The only future world I can think of without pervasive advertising is the one from Brave New World and there, they train you in-vitro to be a consumer. That's pretty pervasive.

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Groupons For Local Business: No Magic Bullet - The Retail Doctor

Bob Phipps, writing over on The Retail Doctor, has an 11 piece post on Groupon (and similar sites) and their impact on retail.

He makes a pretty strong final argument on his post:

Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.

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The Future of Ad Agencies and Social Media

Steve Hall from Adrants (a blog I read every day) was quoted in a recent Mashable piece on the future of Ad Agencies and Social Media:

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Are You Just Hunting?

Originally published in 2003, before the social media craze started, these are five ideas that every company should still be exploring today. I believe that these five rules are even more important in the social media world we live in today.

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