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Your Social Media Followers Are Your Best Customers

The following is a guest post from Joe Chernov. Joe is the Director of Content for Eloqua. Co-chair of WOMMA member ethics panel. You can read more about Joe here: http://www.jchernov.com

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Are Quora Votes A Viable Metric? Influence, Popularity, Expertise, Campaigns & Currency.

As I mentioned in my brief recent post on Quora, I would be digging into it a bit more. First, if you want to know more about the service, here is one of the best descriptions around. I particularly like this part:

It’s like the community side of LinkedIn, merged with the organic networking of Facebook, smashed up with the informative aspects of Wikipedia, topped with a dash of the “I just can’t see this catching on” from Plurk. With blog comments."

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Seven Reasons Why Quora Will Be Bigger than Foursquare

I'm late to the party on Quora (hey, it's not when you use it but how well you use it). I'll do some more in-depth analysis later, but after a few days of active use I see tons of potential. Here's why:

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11 Actionable Trends for 2011

One of the most interesting parts of my job is working wirth each January to curate what the firm sees as the key trends that we think our clients and teams need to think about in the year ahead. This is the second time Steve and I collaborated on this effort. What I really like about our 2011 effort is that we don't just gaze into the crystal ball but we provide actionable insights along with recommendations on what you should be doing.

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It's Time to Move the Needle

If your business is being impacted by "social" in some way shape or form, then this should be significant goal for you as you take on the challenges change brings. We're past the theory now. Teaching still plays an important role. Strategy is not optional. Implementation is where the rubber hits the road. Everything you plan on doing this year should move the needle somehow. Moving the needle can take various forms:

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Beyond Branding: Becoming a Social Business

I recently chatted with Micheal Stelzner from Social Media Examiner and after a bit of a chuckle, we got down to business, specifically the business of being a more social organization. What does that mean exactly? Well, it goes beyond social media marketing and there's a good chance your organization will be grappling with some of the issues we discussed in this interview if your goal is to leverage social media for the benefit of your business. More to come in 2011...

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Social Media Marketing Won't Fix Your Infrastructure Problem

I'm fortunate to be sitting in a nice room, sipping a cup of tea on a cold English morning as opposed to being stranded on a hard airport floor as hundreds of others are (for now). Though I hope to get home soon and really have no idea when that will be, I'm having a bit of an epiphany—which solidifies what my perspective for has been for years now.

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Why Social Initiatives Span Business Silos

Due to weather conditions, Heathrow airport has been thrown into complete chaos, shutting down and leaving hundreds of travelers stranded (I'm writing this from London and will have to head there tomorrow). Aside from the major inconvenience, it also serves as a clear demonstration that companies who initiate social initiatives (such as a Facebook page, Twitter account etc.) will naturally over time learn that they serve several functions. As shown below, Heathrow (thankfully) has been using its Twitter presence to provide updates that are better than what you'd get from many other sources:

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Six Social Media Trends for 2011

Originally published at Harvard Business Review

It was a banner year for social media growth and adoption. We witnessed Facebook overtake Google in most weekly site traffic, while some surveys reported nearly 95% of companies using LinkedIn to help in recruiting efforts. In my outlook for last year, I cited that mobile would become a lifeline to those looking for their social media fixes, and indeed the use of social media through mobile devices increased in the triple digits.

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Scenario Planning + Managing Your Inevitable Social Media Crisis

I see it weekly if not monthly. Brand or company X goes about their business on a social platform, marketing, putting out fun apps, doling out coupons and yes in some cases, engaging. Then one day, they get attacked by their customers or perhaps an advocacy group. The response tends to always be the same.

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