What Game Theory Can Teach You About Online Dating? There Is Plenty of Room for Innovation and Money To Be Made.

A few days on the beach is too much for me. But perfect place to write my blog posts. Watching these love birds on the beach, I started to think about game theory and love. What advice an economist can provide for online dating service by applying game theories?

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Teens, Dating, Friendship, and School Dances

by: danah boyd

In youth culture

When I read the Chicago Tribune's coverage of why teens have eschewed dates for school dances, I wanted to scream. This shift has nothing to do with "the way young people view personal relationships in the age of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter" (and not just because teens don't use Twitter in significant numbers yet).

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Factlet About Dating

by: Dick Stroud

According to the ceo of (in this article in Forbes) there are about 92 million single people in the U.S. - about 3 million of them pay a fee to an Internet-based dating service for access to a pool of possible mates. That's a lot.

Is there much of a difference in age range of people who use online dating? Not really, according to

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