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Visualising Facebook: Your Social Data and Personal Infographics

The more we contribute, communicate share and talk online the more we leave a trail of personal data in our tracks. This may be data about what we say to whom on Twitter, when we are most active or the photos we take. Or it may be data that we have captured from a specific activity – data on every run I have done in the last two years is stored by Runkeeper, for example.

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Branded Data: Visualizing the Internet's Future

It all started with the humble infographic - those charming representations of well-designed data that are fast becoming ubiquitous across the Web. Infographics, in fact, have become so popular as a way of telling complex stories very elegantly (and generating massive page views) that they've spawned a whole new generation of increasingly sophisticated data visualization tools that are making it possible to view the data behind very complex political, financial and socio-economic trends in real-time.

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