On Cultivating Meaningful Connections With Customers or Why Technology Is The Path To The Dark Side

What does it take to build a connection between you and your customer?  Forget the talk, look at what businesses are actually doing.  What are they doing?  On what are the folks spending money and effort?

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Six Near-term Trends Influencing The Business of Marketing

If you’ve come here looking for the latest thinking on virtual reality, drones and autonomous driving—you’ve come to the wrong place. Marketers are an interesting bunch—we pride ourselves on “being in the know”, with some good reason… Part of our jobs are to stay one step ahead of the game so we are better prepared for the changes that inevitably effect the business of our industry. But in the pursuit of staying ahead of future trends—we often overlook massive shifts that need to be operationalized over the next five years, if not decade.

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Is this the most important question to live and operate from?

What is the most important question that one needs to grapple with when it comes to customers and the customer-centric orientation?  Is it:



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What does it take to generate deep contextual customer insight?

Is it possible to know your customers simply through ‘at a distant’ listening methods like NPS, post transaction surveys, social media, text mining customer call records etc?  I get that many of you are convinced that you do know your customers.  You are that you know what matters to your customers.  You are that your VoC listening programmes provide you with insight into your customers.

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Groupons For Local Business: No Magic Bullet - The Retail Doctor

Bob Phipps, writing over on The Retail Doctor, has an 11 piece post on Groupon (and similar sites) and their impact on retail.

He makes a pretty strong final argument on his post:

Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.

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Customers Who Return Products – Not as Bad as We Thought?

There’s been lots written about customers who deserve to be fired. “Bad” customers call customer service constantly, return products willy-nilly, and otherwise misuse the gifts that corporations bestow on them with their products and services.

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Time to Retire the 'Let Sleeping Dogs Lie' Strategy for Contract Renewal

by: John Caddell

Auto-renewals of long-term contracts have a lot to like about them, at least for the seller of a product. If the customer doesn’t have the bandwidth or energy to reopen negotiations, a contract rolls over for another period–one year, three years or more. The supplier wipes his brow and relaxes, with that client’s business in the books.

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Digital Experience Design + A New Book From David Lee King

by: David Armano

Meet David Lee King.  David's a librarian.  David's interested in transforming the library experience.  He's also interested in Experience Design—specifically, Digital Experience Design.

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