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giffgaff: How to Generate Delight and Advocacy without Spending a Fortune

Occasionally I come across a brand, an organisation, a bunch of people who get it, who practice it as opposed to talk about it. Who am I talking about? I am talking about giffgaff – a mobile virtual network operator that works off / is tied to the O2 network in the UK. giffgaff is unusual/innovative as a brand/organisation and I have written about giffgaff here and here. You should know that my family and I are members/customers of giffgaff.

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Younger People Can’t Read Emotions on Older Faces. Retailers Beware!

Fascinating blog posting by Kim Walker about a research study that looks at the ability of younger people to understand the emotions of the 'elderly'.

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Customer Service is Where Brands Meet Truth

A vast majority of American customers are dissatisfied with the service they get, according to a new survey, whether when they’re seeking help with a problem or even simply trying to buy something (80% of respondents said they’d abandoned a purchase process).

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The Customer’s Experience: Tales of Disappointment and Delight

Clarion Hotel Cork: in a services business the personal touch matters and it is not present at this hotel

I stayed at the Clarion Hotel in Cork for two nights. At the functional level almost everything worked: the check-in was reasonably quick, my request to change room was granted without question/argument, the room was spacious, comfortable, had the right furniture for a business hotel, and everything was clean. Yet, I am unlikely to go back. Why?

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How Consistent Is Your MultiChannel/Partner Experience?

Gone are the days of griping about baggage fees. The airlines have provided us with some new things to gripe about to forget those baggage fees! (You know the old saying... if you have a headache, smash your thumb with a hammer, and then you'll forget all about your headache.)

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Can ‘Externalities’ Open Up an Actionable Pathway to Customer Service, Customer Experience Design and Customer-Centricity?

Are dead concepts limiting what shows up as customer service, customer experience and customer-centricity?

We are prisoners of dead concepts and mostly we are not present to this.

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Why Are Companies Not Responding to Customer Complaints in Social Media?

Guest Post by: Jo Stratmann

Though there are several opportunities for using social media as a customer service channel, but while customers are using social media to lodge complaints, the majority of them are not receiving an acknowledgement or response from the service or product provider they are complaining about/to.

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What Is So Good about Pret A Manger

Recently the Sunday Times had a long article about the company that explained that its 224 British outlets receives a weekly visit from secret shopper, whose job it is to assess the store and its staff.

The shops are scored on criteria such as speed of service, product availability and cleanliness. One task for the mystery guest is to rate the “engagement level” of the server — did they “connect with eye contact, a smile and some polite remarks”?

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Watch out Apple Genius Bar the O2 Gurus Are Coming

I guess there is no compliment like being copied. Yesterday, I had a problem with the dongle I use with my Mac. It had worked well but then stopped.

I was passing an O2 store and thought it was worth asking if they had any ideas about the problem.

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Using Twitter for Customer Service: @ChilternRailway

Guest Post by: Jon Stokes

Last night I was pleasantly surprised at how well Chiltern Railway are using Twitter for customer service.

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