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Companies Take Note: Don't Remove Human Touch, Please!

Human touch trumps technology!
On the heels of my post a couple weeks ago about humans vs. technology in delivering a great customer experience, I thought I'd share some human touch articles of late. Several were shared with me as a result of that post, but I found a few others along the way.

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Customer Experience: What Can We Learn From An Organisation That Kills It’s Customers?

I am coming out of my self imposed August retirement to write about something that calls to me, deeply. And to share with you insights and learnings which show up for me as being valuable if you are up for improving service, orchestrating a caring customer experience, and improving organisational effectiveness.
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Service Is Going the Extra Mile

Something caught my attention in the results of two automotive service studies we just completed. It was the substantial impact of perceived extra effort in the service process on customer satisfaction & loyalty. In a study on getting a vehicle serviced, whether the service centre “went the extra mile” was the third most important driver of customer satisfaction and loyalty – out of more than 60 specific needs, mind you.

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Looking at the Future of Customer Service

The best part of my job is that I get to talk to people; lots and lots of people. I talk to so many people about the same subjects (in this case Customer Service) that I start to see patterns and trends emerge (I was told when I first started working at Gartner that two data points make a pattern and three make a trend – I’d like to think that it takes more than that, but you get the overall idea of how it works).

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The Emotional Side of Service Innovation

The optimal service experience delivers not only on functional customer needs such as getting things done quickly and without errors, but also on their emotional needs such as feeling confident and in control. The challenge, of course, lies in understanding which emotions are significant to customers and designing services that deliver against these emotional needs.

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Taking Care of Business

I often write about customer experiences gone wrong - because it's so easy and happens so often - but when things go right, I like to share the stories and give kudos, as well (like I did in a recent post about a furniture shopping experience).

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How Social is Your Customer Service?

A couple weeks ago, the team at Software Advice published the results of The Great Social Customer Service Race. On the heels of my recent exchanges with the team from @AmericanAir, I thought this was a great time to weigh in on social media customer service.

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My Service Is Perfect. It’s Those Incompetent Customers that Are the Problem!

In response to a blog post I wrote a couple of years ago using Google Instant as an illustration,[i] one concerned reader commented, “Google Instant is not the problem. Instant works swimmingly. However, your colleagues should stop clogging the tubes with email FWDs and consider that the real issue here is PEBKAC.” Overlooking for the moment the insult to my colleagues, I had to look up PEBKAC – with Google no less. “Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair.” Got it.

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Transforming the Customer Services Function (Part I)

What is missing in most organisations? Genuine Insight.

Walk along the corridors of business for 25+ years, usually as an ‘outsider’, and you are likely to get that genuine insight is rare.  I know this sounds outlandish and I say it again: contextual-deep-actionable insight is rare.

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An Interview with Diana Oreck of Ritz-Carlton

Today I am pleased to share with you a guest post by Ashley Furness.
Before anyone can land a job at Apple, hiring managers have to ask themselves one question: “Will this candidate offer a Ritz-Carlton level of service?”
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