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Keeping the Faith

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

Dell has announce that it wants to outsource its factories, thereby putting even greater strains on its belief in the power of its brand.

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Customer Complaints as a Source of Business Insight

by: John Caddell

We're taking a brief detour from the corporate change series to discuss customer complaints (every businessperson's favorite subject) though in truth it is very much in sync with the "letting the outside in" philosophy we've been discussing in those other posts.

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Corporate Change #4 - Don't Leave Engaging with the Outside to Marketing/PR

by: John Caddell

In the prior post in this series, I talked about galvanizing the will to change through "bringing the outside in"--learning what customers, the press, influencers--really anyone--thinks about the company, its products, its marketplace, industry, etc.

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A Competitive Advantage: Employees Who 'Spend Most of Their Day Talking to People'

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Customer Satisfaction: Time Is Precious

by: Roger Dooley

Today, there is a big emphasis on productivity in sales and customer service. Increasingly, customers are given tools to place their own orders, check on their status, and so on. In-person sales calls cost hundreds of dollars (some estimates run over a thousand dollars), so an emphasis on efficiency is understandable.

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Listening to Customers (More on Understanding Your Market)

by: Sigurd Rinde

A customer initiated conversation:

"I've got a problem!"
"What's the problem? Can we help?"
"My advisors are too slow, I need some sort of program that pesters them after a week of non-response!"

In a nutshell, the kind of close-to-the-customer market research that we're supposed to do. Asking the customer directly "what do you need?", and then go home and make it.

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Mind the Gap, Would You?

Continuing my one-man crusade to end the use of customer satisfaction as a metric in corporations, I want to bring attention today to one more problem: The Gap.

What gap you ask? Well, the gap that exists between customer satisfaction and customer churn – that gap.

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Time to Start Listening to Front-line Employees

by: John Caddell

I have a colleague who runs a small outsourced contact center in the Pacific Northwest. I told him of my project to find and use stories from call centers to get more useful customer input. He said, "It's a great idea, but nobody listens to the reps."

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How to Monitor Blogs: It's about Knowing the Questions You Want Answered

by: Mark Rogers

When we first speak with a brand manager or a PR person they normally ask us these questions:

“What are people saying about my brand in blogs?”

“Can you help me monitor that?”

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Dell - Is the Social Media Cure Working?

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