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The Extra Mile or The Last Mile?

Which is more important: the last mile or the extra mile?

A couple months ago, I wrote about first and last impressions, posing a similar question there:  which is more important? 

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How To Cause Customer Centricity by Shaping the Work Context (Part 1 of 3)

The Challenge

Imagine that you are the CEO of InterLodge. You face a big problem: your share price has been falling for some time. You need to do something to deal with the issues of high costs and low profitability. You find that the occupancy rate and the average price point per room are too low. And the surveys suggest that Interlodge’s customer satisfaction levels are well below where they should be.

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What Does It Take To Generate “Total Customer Satisfaction”?

Let’s assume that you are a member of the leadership team for your organisation. Circumstances are such that you decide that your organisation needs to focus on customers and generate “total customer satisfaction” on the assumption that satisfied customers buy more of your stuff at higher prices thus generating higher profits. How would you go about it? What approach would you take?

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Talk to Your Customers!

Are you listening to your customers and really, really hearing what they're telling you? 

Don't think that's important? Then be sure to read all the way to the end of this post - the proof is in the pudding!

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Do You Have a 12th Man Advantage?

Does your company have a 12th man advantage?

On the heels of Super Bowl XLVIII, I think we're all now familiar with the term "12th Man." In case you unplugged or tuned out for the last 72 hours, here's how it's defined on Wikipedia:

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The Effortless Experience: Sensational Headlines, Misleading Conclusion?

In this post I complete my take on the key assertion and the 4 findings put forth in the book The Effortless Experience. Before I launch into this post let’s recap the following points from the first post.

Recap of the essential points from the earlier post

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Knowledge Management and Customer Satisfaction

We all know the statistics, right?

  • most dissatisfied customers will eventually tell 9 other people about their problem
  •  only 4% of dissatisfied customers actually complain to the company
  •  satisfied customers tell 5 to 6 other people about their positive experience
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Customer Service is Where Brands Meet Truth

A vast majority of American customers are dissatisfied with the service they get, according to a new survey, whether when they’re seeking help with a problem or even simply trying to buy something (80% of respondents said they’d abandoned a purchase process).

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The Customer’s Experience: Tales of Disappointment and Delight

Clarion Hotel Cork: in a services business the personal touch matters and it is not present at this hotel

I stayed at the Clarion Hotel in Cork for two nights. At the functional level almost everything worked: the check-in was reasonably quick, my request to change room was granted without question/argument, the room was spacious, comfortable, had the right furniture for a business hotel, and everything was clean. Yet, I am unlikely to go back. Why?

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What's Your Customer Effort (Score)?

There's been a lot of discussion or debate about Customer Effort Score (a metric developed by the Corporate Executive Board's Customer Contact Council), especially relative to Net Promoter Score, about whether it's an effective metric to use to measure the customer experience.

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