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Four Questions You Have About Customer Experience (and answers)

On January 18th I participated with Matt Kresch (Microsoft) in the first of three video webinars (vidnars? webdeos?) that we are presenting on Customer Experience.

It was fantastic, seriously – here’s the link if you want to check it out (registration required), and we had a very engaging (that’s what the comments said) conversation about why #CX matters now, and how to get started with your customer experience initiative.

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Service DNA – creating customer service excellence

If I were to ask you to name a company that consistently excels at customer service, what company would come to mind? In you are part of a military family, you might say USAA. If you live in the Southeast, you might tell me about Publix Supermarkets. If you are a golf aficionado, you might share your Masters experience with me. And, if you are passionate about shoes, you might mention either Nordstrom or Zappos. No doubt, others among you would name companies such as Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Chik-fil-A, Apple Stores, Disney, and Mayo Clinic.

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Putting The Customer At The Centre of Your Business

Now and then a question comes along that provokes my thinking. Here’s a question that I came across recently expressed in different ways:

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Keep Them Happy: How to Make Your Customer Satisfaction Scores Skyrocket

You think your customers are happy. But have you ever taken a step back to evaluate (and quantify) what they aren’t telling you?

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Pyrrhic “Pobeda” or a Business Case for Customer Centricity in a Low-cost Airline

A few days ago a flight attendant of a Russian low-cost airline “Pobeda” had the police take into custody a young family of 3, who had refused to follow the airline rules on board.  The baby was crying non-stop, the parents spotted an empty row of upgrade-only seats and decided to move there, despite the demands of the flight attendant, who pointed out that the passengers had to either pay for the upgrade, or return to their original non-upgrade seats in different locations of the plane.
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Upgrading the Rental Car Handover

Am I the only one who has troubles with the process of picking up a rental car? I’m not a heavy user, but as a frequent traveller with about 6–7 rentals a year (across all the major brands) I do consider my sampling to become representative. And I must say, I'm not too impressed with what I see.
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Dealing with survey fatigue

A few days ago a colleague forwarded me an article about survey-fatigue. One of the main points of the author was that she felt being harassed by companies asking for her feedback on some random interaction. I must admit that people can indeed not care about your survey – even if you bring it down to the ultimate question. But this has more to do with the customer not caring about the company or brand that is asking the question than the survey itself.
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The Key to Customer Engagement

Alain Thys is the founder of Futurelab and author of So You Want to Be Customer Centric. Laurent Bouty is the CMO and partner at Futurelab. They were recent guests on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series. The series, which is hosted by TechnologyAdvice’s Josh Bland, explores a variety of business and technology landscapes through conversations with industry leaders.

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How a third part service can ruin your customers’ satisfaction

As customers of the modern world we are used to the online shopping. It is an easy way to get what we want – easy, fast and even cheaper. But that don’t mean that we are not choosey and that we can be easily satisfied.

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The Growing Customer Experience Gap - Even Worse Than You Think

This report (The Power of Linguistics in Customer Service) from Eptica is worth reading if you are attempting to improve your customer experience.

This study is all about the digital channel although I doubt if it is much better in other channels.

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