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So, What Exactly Is Customer Loyalty?

Do you know what customer loyalty is?

When people at your company think about "customer loyalty," are they thinking about your customers' likelihood to recommend? likelihood to repurchase? likelihood to purchase additional products?

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10 Tips – Customer Centricity as a Strategic Management Tool

Guest Post by Anja Thielsen Valentino, Loyalty Group

"We are customer-focused", "we have a clear insight into our customers and carry out Customer Surveys" are comments often put forward by company managers. But what does it really mean to be Customer Centric? - And how can it be used as a strategic management tool to scale your company?

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Do Loyalty Programs and Cards Create True Customer Loyalty?

Guest Post by: Paul Aas, Loyalty Group 

As a loyalty professional, potential clients often tell me that "we're in control of our Customers and their Loyalty; - we have a program for that!" They couldn't be more off!

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Getting To Know You, Getting To Know More About You

The year was 2009 – eons ago in today’s fast paced world. A then great vendor called Attensity hired me to write some thought leadership into the budding world of Analytics (budding as in people noticing, not as in just emerging as you well know). They wanted a series of blog posts that talked to the issues about Analytics that most people were not thinking about – or even considering. 

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How To Solve the Insoluble Problem of Employee Engagement and Customer Loyalty?

It occurs to me that when the same ‘problem’ keeps coming up then it worth taking a deeper look at the ‘the way of showing up and travelling’ (some call this mindset  or worldview) that generates the methods-techniques-tools for addressing the problem. 

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Discounts Sabotage

Is your customer acquisition (and retention) strategy based on discount pricing? How's that working for you? 

Discounts might be working well to bring customers in the door, but do they stay after they're in? Can you keep those that you acquire? Are you creating a precedence that is not sustainable?

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What Has Motive Got To Do with Customer Loyalty?

More than once and by more than one ‘customer guru’ I have been accused of bringing moral considerations into an arena where moral considerations do not belong. Which arena is that? The business arena. Many folks are convinced that what matters in business is the right strategy (plotting the right course) and effective-efficient execution. According to these folks nothing else matters – except perhaps for good luck.

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What Is the Price of Customer Loyalty and Who Pays It?

I say that there is a ‘price’ attached to everything and it is always paid. What is open to influence is ‘who’ pays the ‘price’. The question I wish to address in this conversation is this one: what is the price of customer loyalty and who pays it?

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The Effortless Experience: Sensational Headlines, Misleading Conclusion?

In this post I complete my take on the key assertion and the 4 findings put forth in the book The Effortless Experience. Before I launch into this post let’s recap the following points from the first post.

Recap of the essential points from the earlier post

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A Remarkable Customer Experience Trumps...

I originally wrote this's post for 360Connext on November 8, 2013. 

What does a consistently great customer experience trump?

You've read a lot of posts about "this trumps that" and "that trumps this." I'm guilty; I wrote one. But let's talk about the customer experience. What does it trump?

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