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The Why (And Why Not) of Customer Journey Mapping

If you and I communicated recently (say, last 1-2 years) in any way – talked, emailed, came to a panel or keynote of mine, or are just lucky enough to be my client – you know how much I — er, “love” customer journey mapping (CJM).

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Journey Maps: Not an Exercise in Futility

Today's post is a modified version of a post I originally published on Touchpoint Dashboard's blog on February 4, 2015.

One of the arguments against journey mapping I often hear is that it's an exercise in futility: You map. You put it on the wall. And nothing changes. To that I answer: "You're doing it all wrong."

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Understanding Customer's Journey in Five Steps

I wrote about 5 things to remember when mapping the Customer’s Journey last week. Here’s my 5-step approach to actually mapping “the thing”. Have questions? Need help?

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The Consumer Purchase Journey - Simple Concept - Complex to Understand - Harder to Achieve

I have spent much of the past decade writing, consulting and speaking about the top part of the consumer diagram. All the stuff about demographics, lifestyle and the other things that distinguish one older consumer group from another.

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Five Things To Remember When Mapping the Customer's Journey

Here's a couple of things that, in my experience, you probably best stickto a wall in the room where you are painting the picture of your Customer's Journey. Somehow we seem to forget when busy. Let me know what you think, or add yours in the comment section below!

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Who Is Responsible for the Customer Journey in Your Organisation?

Econsultancy has conducted some great research about the organisational issues that are central to managing the customer journey.

I found this chart extremely interesting since it helps explain so much that is wrong with the way companies manage this vitally important issue.

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Achieving a Single Customer View Through Cross-Channel Data Integration

Today's post is a modified version of a post I originally wrote for Confirmit in March 2013. 

What steps are you taking to create a single view of the customer so that you can deliver a more-personalized customer experience? None? Don’t worry! You're not alone.

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The Employee Journey to a Better Customer Experience

How does ensuring your employees have a great experience translate into better service for your customers? 

Last week, I had the pleasure of co-presenting on a webinar with Kyle Antcliff of Intradiem. We talked about...

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CMO Brain Interview: All Things Customer Experience

What is customer experience? And how do we improve it?

Andrew Mounier of CMO Brain recently asked to interview me so he could pick my brain about customer experience, and I happily accepted. Any time someone wants to talk about customer experience - any opportunity to continue to spread the word about its importance - I'm up for it!

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You Can't Transform Something You Don't Understand

Why is journey mapping important?

I kicked off 2015 in a big way. Isn't that what a new year is all about?! Every year is a new year to get it right - on a personal or professional level and/or on an organizational improvement level, i.e., employee and customer experience.

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