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Marketers Need To Shift from Collecting Eyeballs to Building Interfaces

Modern marketing really began in the 1960’s with Philip Kotler and his ideas about uncovering the “needs, wants and interests of target markets.” Ever since, generations of marketers have learned to focus on the consumer and communicating features and benefits to them effectively.

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Computers As People: Happy Customers and Automation

Forget the Turing Test! (That test, proposed in 1950, was a measure of machine intelligence that required a machine to interact with a person so effectively that the person could not distinguish it from a human.) But you don’t have to try to fool people – research shows well-designed automation can make people feel like they are interacting with a real person even when they know they aren’t.

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Productivity and the Design + Usability Culture

by: Idris Mootee

We're playing with the new MacBook Air  in the office today and we all appreciate what Apple put into this machine. Apple is no question a company that focuses not on its product, but on innovation.

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