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Advertising vs. Experience

by: David Polinchock

This is part of our slide that we use during our presentations and although it'll just be short post here, it'll hopefully start an interesting conversation.

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Are You Making Decisions Easier for Your Customers?

by: George Silverman

Either you’re supporting the customer’s decision making, or you’re creating clutter and obstructing it.

Prospects make dozens of little decisions as they move through the decision process:

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The Curse of Private Equity and the UK Care Home Industry

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Micro-Interactions 2.0

by: David Armano

Tomorrow, I'm giving a talk to a global group of executives from Citi, one of our clients. I've revised "Micro-Interactions" and really feel good about the direction it's moving in.

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Is User-Friendliness a Sure Marketing Bet?

by: Yann Gourvennec

Very often, I hear people say that you have to make your end-user’s lives easier to generate a marketing success. However paved with good intentions this statement may be, I did ask myself the question whether making users’ live easier is a sustainable marketing argument for the development of a business. Here are my thoughts on this subject:

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M&T Bank - Piling on the Fees, It's a Company Easy to Hate

by: John Caddell

A funny thing happened to me at the end of April. While I was on a business trip, our personal checking account with M&T Bank dipped below zero. I didn't get back from the trip till late Friday, then the weekend came. At any rate I didn't find out about the problem till Monday, when I checked the balance on line.

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The Power Point That Made Me Cry (Because I Was Happy)

by: Karl Long

Your mileage may vary but some of the themes in this slideshow “happiness as your business model” resonate so deeply with me it literally brought tears to my eyes.

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The T5 Fiasco: Some Free Advice on Customer Engagement for BA

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'Search is Brand' as a Blogging Case Study

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What Is It about John Lewis and Nationwide?

by: Mark Rogers

Department store John Lewis have announced that whilst their rivals may be suffering, they are growing market share. The Nationwide building society has seen a surge of deposits recently, partly the effect of the Northern Rock collapse.

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