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Customer Experience Resolutions

Are you into making customer experience predictions for next year?

Personally, I'm over predictions! Any predictions!

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Customer Journey Mapping – Do It Right

Guest posst by Mikkel Korntved, Loyalty Group

Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) is trending, and many companies want their own - And rightfully so! Yet, is mapping the Customer Journey solely the way to create better Customer Experiences and increased loyalty?

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It's Still about the Experience

“Those businesses that relegate themselves to the diminishing world of goods and services will be rendered irrelevant. To avoid this fate, you must learn to stage a rich, compelling experience.”

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A Brilliant CX Relies on Me Being Able To Hear and Understand What Your Staff Are Saying

What makes for a first rate customer experience when dealing with staff.

This list looks as good as any.

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How to Breed Customer Experience by Creating a Successful Company Culture

Guest Post by: Paul Aas, Loyalty Group 

How does a company practice powerful and compelling brand cultures that breed loyalty, performance, differentiation and sustainability

Culture brings people together and allows them in collaboration to manage the challenges of business, and puts the right Customer Strategy into practice.

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It's Not Where You Start... or Is It?

How do you know where to start your CX journey? 

I've been asked this very question a few times in the last couple weeks.

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What Is Customer Experience

Customer experience is one of those terms that mean different things to different people. Like “brand,” “marketing,” and “customer centricity,” the understanding and practice of customer experience varies greatly depending on who you ask.

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Marketers Need To Rethink the Customer Decision Journey

In 2009, McKinsey & Co. proposed what was touted as a radical shift in marketing practice they called the consumer decision journey. The article called into question the long held concept of the purchase funnel in favour of a new model that incorporated customer experience and advocacy.

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63 Ways To Improve the Customer Experience

Looking for some suggestions on how to improve your customer service and the overall customer experience?

We know that delivering a great customer experience is critical to the success of a business. Without customers, what's the point?

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I Need a Problem To Solve with My Omni-Channel Customer Experience Strategy

A couple of times a year I guest-lecture for several Masters in Marketing/Customer Management programs in The Netherlands. Almost every time students approach me with a question regarding their master-thesis or other assignment. 

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