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Believe in bigger things: There is no social media

We need bigger perspectives; there is no such thing as social media – what are the larger business opportunities created by consumer engagement?

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Observations Why Social CRM Isn’t….

No, I won’t claim Social CRM is dead, to the contrary. It just isn’t growing up fast enough to really have a business impact. This is more likely due to the slow pace at which companies are responding to changing market environments than it is due to the advancement of technology.

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McDonald's Clowns Around to Engage with Kids... and Moms... and Dads

When was the last time you saw red-haired fast-food frontclown Ronald McDonald take a starring role on any McDonald’s advert, Happy Meal box or menu?

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How Can Retailers Use Online Content to Engage Customers In-store?

Guest Post by: Jo Strattman

Retailers are increasingly using digital signage to engage their customers in-store.

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Five Leading Business Ideas for 2011

Change happens. That’s not just a bumper sticker slogan; it’s the state of business today. Mastering change requires new ways of thinking, talking about, and doing business.

I believe the leading companies in 2011 and beyond will distinguish themselves by embracing these five ideas:

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Social Media Strategy for Small Businesses

This week we have been looking at social media for small businesses. Ways in which they can use the social media tools that exist to build their brand, engage their customers and learn about their brand, market and competitors. It is as important for small businesses as it is for large brands to build a social media strategy. And there are many different ways that you can start to use social media to get these benefits.

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My First Slidecast: Added Audio to Employing Your Customers for Fun and Profit or Design for Co-Creation

After the video of my presentation at Inverge 2 years ago has failed show up I have finally put an audio track on this presentation to provide a bit more context around my thinking and ideas. Amazingly, 2 years later the majority of the presentation still rings true and i believe the better companies can engage with customers in co-creation the more competitive they will be and the more meaning customers will derive out of these relationships.

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The 5 Reasons You're Failing in Social Media

1. You really don't want to engage directly with customers, employees, etc.—you just want them to hear what you have to say.

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Creating and Embracing a Social Media Culture (ConAgra Foods)

Last month, on Nov 10, 2009 the 7th blogwell session took place in sunny Atlanta, Ga. (this is meant to be a joke for I have been twice to Atlanta so far and have seen a lot of rain not to mention flooding). Nearly a month later – and I am a little late for that – now that the dust has settled I wish to recap on some of the best sessions I was able to attend.

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Tweeting at the Speed of Scale

Originally posted on the Collaboratory
From a holistic perspective, we talk about the need for organizations to become more socially calibrated—able to adapt and respond to changes both externally and internally. The three areas where emergent outcomes can manifest are, participation with your customers, collaboration between your employees and optimization in the interactions/transactions between your business and its partners. Digging into customer participation, it’s clear that in a networked economy customers demand engagement, information, support and ultimately, value and ecosystems such as Twitter are beginning to deliver here.

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