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The People Side of Customer Centricity

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Customer Centric? Where Is the ROI on That?

All customers are created equal. Yeah, right. And the cow really did jump over the moon.

Customers come in all colors and sizes – and revenue and profit levels.

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The Bespoke Fiat?

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5 CMO Steps to Customer-Centricity

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Is It Enough to Personalize Products to Be Different vs. Competition? M&M's, BMW, Louis Vuitton, H&M, Nike

Guest post by Frédéric Baffou

“The end of this afternoon is warmful and sunny. I am cruising with my new BMW on the sea side. I can enjoy the multiple options that I have configured to get the car built according to my needs. It is now 5.00 pm on my beautiful Quai de l’Ile watch from Vacheron Constantin. I played the role of a watchmaker as I could choose from 400 different possibilities directly on a touch screen.

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Creation, Rome, Chrysler

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

God created all of existence in seven days, Rome certainly wasn't built in a day, and Bob Nardelli plans to change Chrysler’s corporate culture somewhere between (in three days, to be exact).

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Customer? Include, Include, Include!

by: Sigurd Rinde

A business organisation exists to fulfil a specific need of an individual, the customer.

But where is the customer on the organisational chart? Why does he not matter in the process of fulfilling his need? A perpetual state of hit and run?

Of course, hierarchies are command-and-control structures. No place there for a customer, unless he is willing to be bullied around.

A dilemma solved by an structural appendix: The marketing department.

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Time to Start Listening to Front-line Employees

by: John Caddell

I have a colleague who runs a small outsourced contact center in the Pacific Northwest. I told him of my project to find and use stories from call centers to get more useful customer input. He said, "It's a great idea, but nobody listens to the reps."

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Micro-Interactions 2.0

by: David Armano

Tomorrow, I'm giving a talk to a global group of executives from Citi, one of our clients. I've revised "Micro-Interactions" and really feel good about the direction it's moving in.

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Marketing - Is Its Job to 'Serve' or to 'Create'?

by: Idris Mootee

The idea of "customer orientation" comes up almost all the time during my meetings with clients. It is generally define as an organization culture in which all executives and employees are committed to the continuous creation of customer value of delivering on their needs.

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