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Is Customer-Centricity Going to Lead You to Ruin?

In this post I wish to respond to the assertions made by Sampson Lee in Customer-Centricity Is Not The Solution; Its The Problem. If I understand it Sampson is asserting that pursuing the path of customer-centricity is the road to ruin and his logic is as follows:


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Lewis and Clark and the Customer Experience Journey

"Lewis and Clark?"

Yup. Sometimes I come across old notes or things that I've saved, and I get inspired by them all over again, especially as I think of new and fresh topics to blog about relative to employee and customer experiences.

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What’s Your View on Customers’ Value to Innovation?

More and more, customer-centricity is becoming a thing. As in, an increasingly important philosophy to companies in managing day-to-day and even longer term planning. In comes in different forms: design thinking, social CRM, service-dominant logic, value co-creation.

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Building a Customer-Centric Culture

Becky Carroll presented to a small group of Customer Experience executives in San Diego last week; her presentation focused on creating loyalty through a customer-centric culture. She dives deeper into these three items in her book, The Hidden Power of Your Customers, but I'll highlight them here. (Go read the book, too!)

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What's Your Customer Effort (Score)?

There's been a lot of discussion or debate about Customer Effort Score (a metric developed by the Corporate Executive Board's Customer Contact Council), especially relative to Net Promoter Score, about whether it's an effective metric to use to measure the customer experience.

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Barriers to Customer Centricity (Presentation)

Earlier this month I had the honour of being affectionately introduced as the "warm-up act" for Fred Reichheld during an NPS masterclass he gave together in the Netherlands.   As Fred mainly focused on introducing the Net Promoter System and describing the dangers of bad profits, I decided to go for the more organisational aspects of customer-centricity.  I did this by focusing my talk on what I consider to be three of the main barriers to customer-centricity in many organisations:

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Jobs-to-be-done’s Place in a Customer-centric Organization

On Twitter, I asked a question.

I asked it, as I had a conversation in recent days with a fellow from a large corporate. Customer-centricity was recently adopted as an internal mantra, but the manifestation of that was…wait for it…sentiment analysis.

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Where Do Customer Focus, Customer Obsession, Customer Centricity Reside in Your Organisation?

I put that question to Google today and I did not get an answer.  The closest I got was a checklist for a customer-centric business and a post on Amazon’s customer experience obsession.  Let’s take a look at both of these before whilst you consider the question that I have posed here.

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Can ‘Externalities’ Open Up an Actionable Pathway to Customer Service, Customer Experience Design and Customer-Centricity?

Are dead concepts limiting what shows up as customer service, customer experience and customer-centricity?

We are prisoners of dead concepts and mostly we are not present to this.

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Professor Peter Fader on Customer Centricity

Get ready for interview guest to challenge everything you thought you knew about customer centricity! Peter Fader is the Frances and Pei-Yuan Chia Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and the author of the book, Customer Centricity.


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