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Is this the most important question to live and operate from?

What is the most important question that one needs to grapple with when it comes to customers and the customer-centric orientation?  Is it:



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Strategy and CX: what are the five questions that you need to answer?

Recently, I came across this piece – Don’t Let Strategy Become Planning - from Roger Martin.  I recommend reading it.  If you do not wish to make the time then this post is for you.

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Listening to Customers & Employees During Times of Change

Has your company been acquired, merged with another company, ousted its executive team, or just been wading through changes that executives are trying to instill across the organisation?

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In an era of customer self-realization and engagement, excellent customer service and technological advantage is not enough. Innovation and development based on generic drivers does little more than just that; create generic companies.

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An Interview with Diana Oreck of Ritz-Carlton

Today I am pleased to share with you a guest post by Ashley Furness.
Before anyone can land a job at Apple, hiring managers have to ask themselves one question: “Will this candidate offer a Ritz-Carlton level of service?”
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8 Habits of a Highly-Effective Customer-Focused Culture (Part 2 of 2)

Earlier this week, I wrote the first part of this two-part series that covers my take on Dr. Stephen Covey's 8 Habits and how they can be applied to the customer experience discipline. I covered the first four habits in that post; today I'll start with habit #5.

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Is This the Most Serious Misunderstanding Plaguing Customer-centricity?

Misunderstanding, reality and narrative

There are so many misunderstandings around customer-centricity that it is hard for me to know where to start. In this post, I want to deal with a particularly dangerous and widespread misunderstanding. 

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Why Your Organisation Is Not Customer-centric even if It Is Customer-centric

This is a long post and a philosophic one so you might be better off doing something else unless you have an avid interest in customer-centricity and getting to grips with it. Furthermore, you might not like what I share here. It may disturb you and you find yourself annoyed even angry at the nonsense I am speaking. You are warned, now let’s begin.

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Building the Button to Nowhere

Have you ever heard of the Bridge to Nowhere? I think most of us have; if you haven't, you will momentarily.

I recently discovered the Button to Nowhere. Have you ever had this happen while using a software platform or a mobile app: You click on a button that seems clearly and intuitively labeled, fully expecting it to do one thing and, instead, it did something else?

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Planning for a Successful Customer Experience Journey

This post was originally published as a guest post on Jim Tincher's Heart of the Customer blog. I have updated it for this repost. As we close out the summer of 2012 travel season, I thought this was a fitting time to share this whimsical post on planning your Customer Experience Journey.

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