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2013: Where Were We At With CRM, Customer Experience and Customer-Centricity?

What can we learn from Havas Media's 2013 Meaningful Brands survey?

For me, the highlights from the survey report are:

  • Just 20% of brands worldwide are seen to meaningfully positively impact people’s lives;

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Should You Be Thinking More About the Customer… Or Less?

“The customer is always king” has long been a time-honored business adage. Peter Drucker, the most renowned management thinker of the 20th century, was probably best known for advocating a consumer-centric approach.

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Opportunity Design - a New Perspective on Customer-Centred Innovation

The following problems continue to plague innovators:

  • New product failure rates run at 75%-85%
  • New business start-ups are even higher at 92% failure rate
  • There is a high degree of iteration in ideas and business plans needed to succeed with the right formula
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The Paradox at the Heart of Customer-Centric Business

I am no longer a fan of customer centricity nor customer-centric business. I am not a fan of the way many are going about customer focus, customer-centricity, or customer obsession. It occurs to me that the approach taken by many towards arriving at customer focus, customer-centricity, and customer obsession is not gold, it is fools gold.

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What Is the Access to Customer-Centricity and Innovation?

I have been reflecting over 20+ years of experience centered on enabling, effecting, facilitating business change and improving business performance. During this time I have been involved with a whole range of management panaceas:


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How to Transform Your Organisation by Centring on the Customer

I’d like to re-start blogging by sharing with you what shows up for me as a most enlightening and inspiring tale of leadership, customer-centricity, and organisational transformation. Let’s start.

I encourage you to listen to Dr David Feinberg tell his story

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The Dark Side of Customer Focus, CRM, and Customer Experience

What is the cost of putting profits before customer interests?
This week one of the UK’s largest insurance brokers got hit with a £7.4m fine. Why? This is what Tracey McDermott, the FCA’s director of enforcement and financial crime, is reported to have said:

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2 Approaches to Design and 4 Rules of Understanding Humans

I get this all the time.  Whenever we talk about Design Thinking’s user-centered approach to finding opportunities and understanding your customer better, someone always reminds me that one of the worlds most successful company (in my humble opinion), Apple, does not do market or user research.

Similarly, Scott Anthony writes:

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Jeff Bezos is a CX Dream Come True!

Last week, I wrote about Union Bank and their "Do Right" campaign. I love the campaign, but I was left with questions as to whether employees live it and customers experience it. One company who leaves me with no such questions is Amazon.

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What Is There To Be Loyal To?

It was my birthday recently and during the course of it I got birthday cards.  I want to share one that I got from one of my sons:

To Papa, I wish you a happy birthday.  Love you lots and thank you for all the things you have done for me over hte years especially taking me back and forward to college. Thank you for being a great, caring and loving papa.

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