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Do You Curate Your Audience?

Earlier this week, in a hot New York City, I was having some tea and lemonade with a dear friend who is a  senior publishing executive. When our conversation turned to exploring the future of publishing she said, “our folks say our core value is to curate content”. I suggested that the real challenge for any publisher today is not just to curate content, but to manage audiences for the authors. She said, “in other words we need to curate audiences”.

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M&T Bank - Piling on the Fees, It's a Company Easy to Hate

by: John Caddell

A funny thing happened to me at the end of April. While I was on a business trip, our personal checking account with M&T Bank dipped below zero. I didn't get back from the trip till late Friday, then the weekend came. At any rate I didn't find out about the problem till Monday, when I checked the balance on line.

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 by: Jennifer Rice

The following phrase jumped out at me as I was reading the partial transcript of Peter Weedfald's keynote speech at Ad:Tech on FCNow (Peter is SVP of strategic marketing and new media for Samsung):

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