Officially Launching the First and Only Design Thinking and Innovation Magazine - M/I/S/C. Available in 18 Countries. Now Reviewing Proposals for Foreign Language Editions.

Great launch party last night for M/I/S/C, second launch party in San Francisco in a few weeks... and then Shanghai. 200+ cool people showed up. Food is good... and the cupcakes too. Special thanks to the folks who pulled this off in such a short time...  Ashley, Lucy, Marla, Sherry, Jessica, Christian, Brooke and a few others... great job!

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An Ethnographer Is More than a Lab Rat with a Notebook or a Lab Bat with a Hard Drive. Who Is an Ethnographer?

Ethnography is hot. Many are quick to claim that they do ethnography by observing people. It is like saying anyone who drives a taxi in NY is a screenwriter. Or anyone who knows how to operate a camera can be a photojournalist.


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Cognition, Cults and Ethnography

by: danah boyd

One of the goals of ethnography is to understand cultures on their own terms, from the perspectives of the people living them.

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