Copenhagen Gets Down to Business

To start with the basics: I don't expect this week's United Nations Climate Change Summit, a.k.a. COP15, to produce much from the perspective of global political change. I'm guessing, cynically perhaps, that the two-week event will yield more posturing and pageantry than productive policies.

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The Sustainability Challenge Is Complex. Is Ecolabelling the Answer or Just Another Greenwashing Tool?

No one will disagree that today’s customer is empowered like never before. With social media and other connectivity, they are able to acquire more detailed information about brands, products and services in order to make smarter decisions; everything is just a few clicks away. Any green-washing or eco-washing can last only for a few clicks. Customers can access new knowledge about the behavior of companies and can more readily question and challenge this behavior.

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Building the Business Case

Your company has been progressing nicely up the sustainability curve from compliance to cost savings. The next logical step is reputation and revenue generation, and it’s here that many sustainability pros hit a roadblock.

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Northern Exposure, Scandinavian Style

How does one explain U.S. environmental and climate policies and related corporate practices to audiences in the progressive countries of Norway and Denmark?


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The Reports of Summer: Five Easy Pieces

The normally dry days of August have been fertile when it comes to research and reports on green business topics. Recent weeks have seen a flurry of publications from corporate, nongovernmental, and other organizations. Whatever happened to slow summer days?

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Role of Retail in Sustainability

Recently I was in the market for a new laptop, so I headed over to Best Buy and a few other places to check out their selections. And of course since I’m in the business of sustainability, I was looking for a bit of education on “green” electronics: which manufacturers were leading and lagging in this area, and which PCs I should be considering for energy savings, recycled materials and recycling programs, and reduced or eliminated toxic material like PCBs?

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Walmart's Sustainability Index: The Hype and the Reality

by: Joel Makower

Walmart has just unveiled its new Sustainability Index, a project that's been in the works for more than a year, but which is — finally, after much anticipation and more than a little handwringing by industry, activists, and others — part of the public discourse.

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Why Best Buy Is Rooting for the Smart Grid

The retail giant that helped bring car stereos, camcorders, and CD players to the masses wants to be homeowners' best friend in the emerging world of smarter, greener technology.

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Proving Values-based Business Is the Most Fruitful

by: Jennifer Rice

I was recently interviewed for Gennefer Snowfield’s Philanthropy In 5 series at TriplePundit.com on the subject of values-based business and aligning philanthropy with strategy. The article just ran today, and I’ll republish my responses here.

1. How do you define for-profit philanthropy?

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The New Normal and the Need for 'Radical Evolution'

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