Overdoing Worldwide Boomer Gloom

by: Dick Stroud

Sitting in Kyoto gives you a different perspective on the world. It is all too easy to become insular and only take a UK perspective. Right now, wherever I look, it seems the world’s media’s take on the current financial mess is that Boomers will be the hardest hit.

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Financial Crisis and Games People Play

by: Sigurd Rinde

Or why the situation is not about Black Swans, it's about Plain Geese.

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The Art of Survival: An Interview with Jerry White

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Here's Where Social Media Really Hurts!

by: David Polinchock

So Lane Hartwell just posted this on Twitter (sorry if it offends anyone!) @ gap in SF. Just found a dried, bloody tampon in the pocket of some pants i was trying. Barf.

And that lead Sarah Lacy to reply:

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