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We Have a Crisis in Leadership

Why is employee engagement at an all-time low? Why is turnover as high as it is? Why are employees constantly looking for better opportunities?

When you think about those questions, combined with what I wrote in my post on Employee Engagement: A Confluence of Passion and Purpose...

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Brand Book Bites from Organizations in the Face of Crisis

The book: Organizations in the Face of Crisis: Managing the Brand and Stakeholders — a thorough text on a tough topic

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What Should Uber Do?

Uber seems to be under fire from all directions. The ride-sharing service is being blocked by some cities and entire nations, dealing with accusations of a driver having sexually assaulted a passenger, addressing a story by a reporter who felt threatened when a company executive suggested they try to squash negative coverage, receiving criticisms over surge pricing during the recent incident in Sydney, and being sued for allegedly making false claims about the safety of its service. You’d be right for wondering if Uber might fall even faster than it rose.

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Missing the @Target on Customer Service

Are you one of the 40 million people affected by the recent Target data hack?

If so, then you know exactly what I mean when I say that Target failed with its post-incidence communication.

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PR is the Tail of a Crisis Dog

I read earlier this week that chicken foods giant Tyson had hired a PR firm (Fleishman-Hillard) to be its “agency of record” for crisis communication and corporate reputation. The article said it was uncommon to retain crisis help on an ongoing basis.

It’s also a misplaced focus of Tyson’s attention.

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‘Crisis’ Is a Dirty Word – How Femfresh Could Have Handled Their Social Media Backlash

by: Jane Franklin

In the last few days you might have seen the word vagina bandied about a fair bit online, and not just in the murkier corners of the internet.

In the US, Representative Lisa Brown was banned from the House, ostensibly for ‘permissive’ language, after using the word ‘vagina’ in front of the Michigan legislature in a debate about abortion.

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Glowing Reviews

The news coming out of Japan couldn't be worse for the American nuclear industry. Manufacturers, suppliers, and electric utilities must be cringing with every headline, as the information includes science, statistics, and security...all subjects that your average consumer is fairly incapable of understanding (and certainly not via short blasts of news).

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Scenario Planning + Managing Your Inevitable Social Media Crisis

I see it weekly if not monthly. Brand or company X goes about their business on a social platform, marketing, putting out fun apps, doling out coupons and yes in some cases, engaging. Then one day, they get attacked by their customers or perhaps an advocacy group. The response tends to always be the same.

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Turn a PR Crisis into Positive Online Buzz: Lessons from The Gap

Guest Post by: Monica (Market Sentinel)

How the Gap logo debacle turned a PR crisis into positive brand awareness for Gap’s “iconic blue logo”.

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For Want of a Switch

The Gulf Coast oil disaster is has already achieved horrors of epic dimensions -- 11 people are dead and a slick the size of Puerto Rico threatens to devastate ecologies and economies from Louisiana to Florida -- so talking about marketing right now seems somewhat irrelevant. But BP's branding plays a central role in both the run-up and aftermath of the crisis, so there's much to be learned from it.

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