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Will Mobile Devices Kill the Credit Card?

New innovations in mobile banking are making it possible to transfer the entire payment experience from the plastic credit card to your mobile device. New upstarts with funny names that sound nothing like typical financial names - like DwollaVenmo and Square - are going far beyond just enabling you to use your mobile devices to check balances on-the-go: they are transforming mobile devices into payment mechanisms at point-of-sale destinations around the nation.

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What's the Latest Innovation From Credit Card Companies? It Is Time For Them To Do More. We Need To Have Spend Control Mechanism Embedded in Credit Cards.

Credit card fraud continues to be an issue, for banks as well for consumers. I remember 15 years ago they had photos on credit cards, I am not sure why they stopped doing that, that seems to be a simple solution to reduce fraud.

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We Are Carrying too Many Cards? Someone Needs to Solve This Problem

by: Idris Mootee

I've come up with two great ideas today. Here’s a big one for Facebook ....create a digital card that can replaces all the membership cards to replace all the cards that we carry and jam our wallets. Make it the size of an iPhone and I can just flip through my card on a touch screen. Or make that application reside on an iPhone.

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Just How Innovative Is the most Prestigious Credit Card in the World?

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