Solving a 1976 or 2012 Problem

The year is 1976, Dieter Rams, who is most renowned for his innovative design work for Braun and Vitsoe, is on stage in New York talking about the importance of design as part of the business strategy: (source)

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Will Madison Avenue Become the La Brea Tar Pits of the Ad Industry?

The news that Ladies' Home Journal was turning to crowdsourcing as a way forward was a bit of a shock to me. The first company I started, Sports and Fitness Publishing, was a magazine company. You could say that I have ink in my blood. My Dad, Grandfather and Great Grandfather were all newspaper publishers. Almost every summer job I had in High School and College was working at the Canton Daily Ledger, my hometown paper.

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How Creatives Work and The Future of Desks

Check out this great little video, by Aaron Trinder, on how designers or creative people work within a space and how this may impact how we design desks in the future. Some food for thought?
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It's Time to Evolve

I’ve been struck by all of the recent accusations flying around as client/agency relationships have become more fluid -- from the rant of an industry honcho at the latest 4A’s conference saying he blames clients for the state of the industry to the “they didn’t fire us we fired them” attitude of agencies making the rounds every time a client decides it’s time for a new direction.

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