Failed CurrentC

According to an article in NFC World about MCX’s mobile wallet (to be named CurrentC):

“Consumers will benefit from using CurrentC in four main ways: 1) Save money with valuable coupons and offers; 2) Earn rewards from participating merchant loyalty programs; 3) Pay simply; and 4) A more secure way to pay.”

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“Old marketing” is about to take ownership of both customers’ and investors’ imagination and cash flow in the “connected” space. “Free”, “discounts” and “coupons” seem to be the new digital brand.

Recent examples and experiences from the digital realm presents connected technologies as nothing more than a platform to accelerate companies’ ability to give away their products at a discount – rather than innovate and change business:

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Location-based Marketing Should Be about More than Just Vouchers

With the launch of Facebook Deals in the US in November and its imminent launch in the UK, the opportunities for brands to engage in location-based marketing are growing and set to grow more in 2011.

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Your Brain on Coupons

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Bookmarkable Advertising

by: Ilya Vedrashko

Last week's news about Rolling Stone and Men's Health running promos where readers are invited to snap images of ads and send them in reminded me of a draft that I've been kicking around for a few months about bookmarkable advertising. It's not finished or polished but, I hope, useful for something.

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ITV are launching mobile coupons

by: Lynette Webb 

OK, so this hasn’t launched yet. But the fact that ITV are serious enough about doing it to have announced it publicly is interesting.

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