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What Is a Brand

When people ask me to define “brand,” I say, “A brand is what you do and how you do it.”  This might not be the most common definition of what a brand is, but the one I use because it’s shorthand for the business school definition of a brand:  a product or service’s value that is delivered to its customers, and the way of doing business that is the basis of a company’s relationships with stakeholders.  This definition of a brand also captures the action orientation to brand-building – and it implies the tight connection between brand and business.
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How to Build A Strong Corporate Reputation

(This is the second in a two-part series on Corporate Reputation.  The first post, Why Your Corporate Reputation Matters, explained the definition of corporate reputation, the method Reputation Institute uses to measure corporate reputation, and the benefits of having a strong corporate reputation among different stakeholder groups.  In today’s post, you’ll learn how to improve your corporate reputation and what you as a leader must do specifically to build an excellent reputation.)

Having an excellent corporate reputation prompts customers to buy your products, investors to value your company more highly, employees to be more productive, and other stakeholders to recommend and support you.  How?  Three companies show how to establish and maintain a strong corporate reputation.

Example 1:  Johnson & Johnson — Strong Foundation of Trust

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