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Does Corporate Purpose Need A New Purpose?

While most of us think about “corporate purpose” as companies adopting programs to promote public good beyond what directly benefits their bottom lines, I wonder if a bigger, more complex transformation is at hand?

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Nobody Cares About Your Sustainability Report

As many large companies prepare next year’s sustainability reports, it’s important to note that nobody cares.

Well, very few people care, and they fall into three little buckets:

First, specialized interest (or pressure) groups await the reports so they can check on how badly companies are falling short on whatever idealized goals the groups have set.

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HP Was Founded in a Garage That Started the Wave Two of Transformation of the Modern Enterprise. Watch out for the Next Wave Which Will Be Driven by Social Technologies

This is the garage where David Packard and William Hewlett started their new company in 1938 as fresh Stanford University engineering graduates. This is probably one of the key places in California that can be called the birthplace of Silicon Valley. If you visit this tiny garage, you will find In front of the house a plaque officially declaring the location the "birthplace of Silicon Valley” some 70 years ago. The Valley not only transform businesses, it also transform societies and politics.

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Overcoming Barriers to Creativity in a Corporate Environment

by: Design Translator

Personally as Head of Industrial Design for an in-house design department I find this quote particularly interesting and quite an accurate reflection of creativity in most corporate environments.

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