Storytelling and Social Media

Guest Post by: Charlie Osmond

Social Media is all about conversations. It’s people connecting, interacting and sharing content. And whether it’s online or in the real world, the most engaging conversations involve other people’s stories.

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SMBC's Bob Pearson: 'Social Media Is Not for Geeks, It Is about Direct Conversations with Your Customers'

note: this article was originally published on the Sterling Performance blog by

Bob Pearson, has just been appointed President of the newly rebranded Social Media Business Council (*) after a successful stint as Vice President, Communities and Conversations at Dell. Bob has been kind enough to agree to answer our few questions on behalf of our BNET readers. My focus in this interview will be on Bob Pearson’s experience, how he plans to use it in his new role, and about his plans for the expansion of the Social Media Business Council.

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Are We Serving Conversation?

Consider this: conversation is to selling what cooking is to eating. 


Not ingredients, nor consumption. 

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Understanding Retweeting on Twitter

As we try to work out how Iranian citizens, activists, journalists, new media propagators, and politically conscious folks are using Twitter to converse about the Iranian election, we need to step back and think about some of the practices that are core to what's taking place. One of these is retweeting, or the act of spreading a message along inside Twitter. Earlier this week, Scott Golder, Gilad Lotan, and I just finished a descriptive paper on retweeting as a conversational practice:

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Customer Service Is the New Marketing

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The Ten Conversations to Listen for in Social Media

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Dealing with What Customers Tell You Online

by: John Caddell

Earlier this week, I posted on ways businesses can monitor what’s being said about them in various social media outlets. Perhaps in a challenge to myself, I promised a follow-up dealing with what businesses can do with this information. Finally, egged on by Amber and David from Radian6, here it is.

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Big Brands in Social Media: Ford and Southwest Airlines

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Branding 'Manhattan Project' Revealed

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

The branding community has launched a massive, collaborative project intended to utterly rewrite the principles and re-purpose the tools of brand marketing.

Download the announcement.

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8 Reasons Why We Love Social Media

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