Gold, Bitcoin, and the Social Basis for Brand Value

Bitcoin is the world’s first online currency, created by an anonymous programmer and used in peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions in which the participating parties choose to recognize its value. Gold is perhaps the world’s oldest currency, and it has always been a medium of exchange because people agree to value it. So they’re both social media, and they’ve both crashed lately. There’s lots to learn from these concurrent crises.

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Watch Your 'Twetiquette' in the Big Huge New Marketing Eco-system

There was a huge furore recently when an ad agency employee twittered about people’s bad driving habits in Detroit to over 8,000 followers. Why? It wasn’t necessarily because he dropped the F-bomb. It was because he tweeted accidentally on behalf of Chrysler, one of his clients, rather than from his own personal account.

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Logo You Don't

Gap announced a new logo on October 4, and a week later retracted it with a promise to keep the old one. The chorus of vociferous customer disdain for the new design was topped only by the branding experts who vilified it. So the market spoke, aided in large part by social media, and Gap responded. And that's that.

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The Social Shibboleth

The jury is still out on social media as a marketing tool. There, I said it, heretical as it might be. To say otherwise is to be blindly optimistic or, worse, stupid.

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I Hate the Word "Content"

Calling the output of writers, musicians, moviemakers and even the artisans of branding's dark arts "content" is like referencing the substance of every meal "food," or labeling the specific events of human experience "life."

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A Look Forward, Some Predictions for 2010

I've gotten some excellent feedback on my 2010 predictions and thought that I would keep a brief excerpt up from here for a little while. You can find the full post by clicking on the link below and I’ve included the list here. Please let me know what you think.


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