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What Delicious Could Have Done (But Sadly Never Did)

This time last year Yahoo announced their decision to 'sunset' the Delicious social bookmarking service. At the time I bemoaned the fact that Yahoo had done nothing with the service for five years in spite of the fact that it had so much potential.
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The Future of Content

In our continuing series of posts looking forward to what is going to happen this year in media, digital, and advertising, I’m pleased to chat with Andy Chen the CEO of Preview Networks. Andy and I worked together when we were at Isobar’s central hub in London. We like to think we were way ahead of time in terms of our approach when we worked on clients like Philips and its pleasing to see that Andy has gone on to big and even better things.

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Content Creation Generation

by: Gary Hayes

Pew Internet & American Life Project have just published (2 Nov) a really interesting research paper called "Teen Content Creators and Consumers" with some great stats for those of us involved in grappling with the trends of user generated content amongst other things.

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Blogs Are Not Important Individually but in Aggregate Are Powerful

by: Lynette Webb 

I'd imagine this is obvious to anyone who is actively engaged in blogs, but there are still an awful lot of people who aren't.

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