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2015 Heralds the Age of 'Post Demographic Consumerism'

It's early January and that means one thing - forecasts for the coming year.

I have this image of the poor sods that have to come up with these insights huddled in a room in late December trying to come up with something interesting to say. Time is running out and they default to rehashing the forecasts from the previous year or the one before that. In this case, the ones from a decade before.

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Marketers – Should Start Popping the Red Pills

Have you ever had that feeling that things are not what they seem? You know, out of the corner of your eye you get a glimpse of a reality that disappears in a flash.

The world seems to jog along OKish but you know that something is wrong – horribly wrong.

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Can Patagonia Convince Consumers to "Buy Less, Buy Used"?

What happens when one of America’s most successful and beloved companies suggests that consumers reduce their purchasing of new products? Outdoor outfitter Patagonia did just that - raising the economic ante for Corporate America with a first-of-its-kind “Buy Less, Buy Used” initiative, offered in coordination with eBay and the Common Threads Initiative.

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