Are Smart Cities For Citizens Or Consumers?

I’m at a conference where tech companies are showcasing their tools to make streetlights, buildings, and energy grids “smarter.”

Where are the people?

Don’t get me wrong, the show seems well attended by reps from civic government who are looking for ways to exploit big data, and there are lots of thoughtful presenters and exhibitors who’re happy to show them how.

But the whole shebang seems oddly impersonal, almost as if the cities they’re contemplating don’t have any people in them.

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New research shows most consumers still don’t trust brands in social media

Only 10% of European consumers trust posts by brands on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter; in North America this number increases to 15%. This is the finding of new research from Forrester. It shows that consumer trust of brands in social media is still much lower than the trust they have for their friends and the posts they make.

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The presentation I gave to the Assisted Living Conference in Liverpool

I have spent the last couple of days in Liverpool. My first visit to this part of the UK.

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You must download the comScore UK Digital Future 2013 report

This is an excellent report (free) that contains some fascinating data about the age profile of digital use in the UK.

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Ageing consumers and the future of Pharma

I found this presentation by Patrick Dixon - titled: "Older Health Consumers: Marketing To Ageing Customers - the future for Pharma" interesting, but I have a couple of 'buts'.

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Consumers Are People

I'm banning the word 'consumer' from this blog. Not that it crops up that often here - I've been making a conscious effort to avoid using it ever since Adam launched his 'Stop Calling Me a Consumer' Facebook group (and even wrote a piece of Firefox script that automatically replaced the word 'consumer' with 'people') almost two years ago.

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