Co-optedalism - Cashing in on the Anti-Consumerist Movement

What is the power of a movement today?

What kind of impact can movement marketing really have?

How does a movement protect itself as it evolves and more and more people join the ranks around the planet? OWS is a good yardstick to find answers to these questions. Most interestingly the latter.

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Can Patagonia Convince Consumers to "Buy Less, Buy Used"?

What happens when one of America’s most successful and beloved companies suggests that consumers reduce their purchasing of new products? Outdoor outfitter Patagonia did just that - raising the economic ante for Corporate America with a first-of-its-kind “Buy Less, Buy Used” initiative, offered in coordination with eBay and the Common Threads Initiative.

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5 Things I Wish for in 2010?

Wow what a year 2009 was? We got hit right in the face by the economic down turn and designers all over the world were falling like flies as companies cut R&D or design budgets in response to a drop in consumer spending.

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Post-recessionary Consumerism

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Marketing In A Post-Consumer Era

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Cultural Obesity

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Post Consumer Society and the Culture Accellerator or What Are You Learning Today?

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Pondering the Sustainable Consumption Conundrum

by: Joel Makower

I'm not sure whether it was strategic or serendipitous that the World Business Council on Sustainable Development released a report on sustainable consumption just a week before a recessionary Christmas — a time when countless millions were torn between the desire to shop and insufficient means to do so. Either way, it made for enhanced reading of what already was a pretty enlightening report.

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Advertising vs. Reality

by: Karl Long

German web site has done a case study of 100 product and package shots of packaged food and compared it to the reality of what is inside the package. Great stuff, we need a US version of this because even the product shot of herring bits in sauce looked nasty

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Advanced Brand Strategy Masterclass Week 3 - Luxury Brand Marketing

by: Idris Mootee

we have great momentum on the debate on this subject, this is the
perfect time to introduce next week's module - Managing Luxury Brand.
The topic of "Brand Meaning"

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