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Three of the Coolest Things I Saw at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015

I’ve already written in a Forbes column about how I was underwhelmed by some of the more traditional products showcased at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (wafer thin TVs, curved TVs, augmented reality glasses, etc.) So I thought I would share three of the things that did get me excited.

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Digital Device Manifesto

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) can be an intoxicating experience. Drinking in all the devices on the show floor, it’s easy to be dazzled by cool features, brilliant designs, and products you never even dreamed of. Speakers captivate your imagination as they describe bold visions and demo the newest products.

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Time to Kickstart(er) the Consumer Electronics Biz

The big news coming out of the CES show in Las Vegas this week was the lack of big news coming out of the CES show in Las Vegas this week. The biggest news, quite possibly, was the Booth Babes Controversy. Despite thousands of new product launches, more than 3,000 exhibitors and more than 150,000 attendees, the annual Consumer Electronics Show seems to have lost its innovation mojo.

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Bright Lights Project - The Consumer Electronics Show

The 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show ("CES") started two days ago in Las Vegas. Close to 150,000 people are milling around almost 2 million square feet of exhibition space filled with thousands of displays. Every device imaginable is playing, broadcasting, or otherwise beeping. Mainstream media types are trying to figure out what it all means. Bloggers have been flown there and often hired by companies so they can spontaneously tell the mainstream folks what’s what.

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Why I Hate Digital Media? Part 1

by: Design Translator

1) I hate digital media, cos I can’t touch it.
The RIAA’s lawsuit on illegal p2p music sharing hit a poor old lady by the name of Patricia Santangelo. Naturally infuriated, she fights back, particularly because she has no idea what music sharing is or even an Mp3. She is not alone.
Check out:

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The Appropriateness of Getting Your Customer to Design a Product for You?

Who would not want to believe in it? As far as anyone can tell it’s the best way to sell to today’s over-informed hyper-consumer. However even after extolling the virtues of it in my post “The Art of the Very Small Start”, I have some major doubts on the validity of this approach especially in the field of consumer electronics.

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Bug Labs and The Long Tail of Gadgets

by: Dominic Basulto

Earlier in the week, I had the unique opportunity to hear Peter Semmelhack, CEO of New York-based Bug Labs, describe how his start-up company was radically disrupting the traditional consumer electronics industry. Using a modular, open source approach, Bug Labs is focused on bringing the Long Tail of Gadgets to everyday consumers.

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Marketing to women – old and young

by: Dick Stroud

Saatchi & Saatchi has research showing that consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers are annually missing out on £600m of sales because they are failing to connect with women.

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