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Improve your customer intimacy by understanding demand windows

Success today comes from not only knowing who your customers are, but also why they buy.  It’s not enough to know your customers’ demographics (e.g., adults aged18-54) and category behaviors (what they currently buy, what products/brands they use).  Even knowing your customers’  economic value (e.g., customers who spend $500+ in our category, companies that have more than 100 employees, etc.) isn’t as revealing as understanding what drives them to make a purchase.  To understand customers’ motives — to improve your customer intimacy — you need to identi

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The Appropriateness of Getting Your Customer to Design a Product for You?

Who would not want to believe in it? As far as anyone can tell it’s the best way to sell to today’s over-informed hyper-consumer. However even after extolling the virtues of it in my post “The Art of the Very Small Start”, I have some major doubts on the validity of this approach especially in the field of consumer electronics.

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Shopping for Green Online (An Interview with thepurplebook Founder Hillary Mendelsohn)

by: David Wigder

With the exception of a few select product categories, growing consumer interest in green has not yet translated into substantive changes in purchase behavior by mainstream consumers. Like many nascent categories, green faces many barriers to widespread adoption.

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