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Green Brand Leadership: a Fish Story

The customer is always right – so goes the mantra of every sales rep from time immemorial. But, as we know, what customers want may not be best for the planet. For some brands, this presents a dilemma: how do you satisfy consumer needs while remaining eco-responsible?

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From a Behavioral Economic Perspective, I Think Many of Us Are Considered Imcompetent as a Consumer.

We have to deal with economic decisions on an everyday basis without knowing it. Here’s a few example of what I have been dealing with the last two days. From buying a pair of sneakers to using the iPad.

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Spent: Sex, Evolution, and Consumer Behavior

Book Review: Spent: Sex, Evolution, and Consumer Behavior by Geoffrey Miller

“Marketing is not just one of the most important ideas in business. It has become the dominant force in human culture.” This is how evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller leads into an early chapter on the importance of marketing.

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The Birth of the “Cautionary Generation”

This blog posting by Jay Suhr makes a great deal of sense in which he tries to answer the question that fascinates me: “is the recession a defining moment for our consumer-driven society.” If it is, what impact will it have?

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Luxury Experiences Not Luxury Stuff

Some new research has just been published by McKinsey about the decline in Japanese consumer’s seemingly insatiable appetite for luxury goods. Sorry, the article is subscription only.

Just look at the graphic showing the responses, by age, to the statement: “I prefer spending money on luxury experiences rather than buying luxury accessories, handbags, or apparel."

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The Architecture of Un-blink

Over at BLDGBLOG, Geoff Manaugh points to an interesting study that estimates that we may be missing as much as 15 minutes of a 150-minute movie through the very act of blinking. What's even more interesting however, is the discovery that most movie-watchers tend to blink in unison - at non-critical moments of plot or action.

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More Factlets about the Rate of Adoption of New Services by the 50-plus

by: Dick Stroud

There is a plethora of research being published that compares the digital habits of Gen Y and Baby Boomers. It all shows the same thing, plateauing of uptake by the young, rapid rate of uptake by the oldies.

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Will Radical Transparency Save the Earth?

by: Joel Makower

There's a growing school of thought that unfettered information about the environmental impacts of our world will smoke out the bad guys and help the good guys win.

I wish it were that simple.

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Maslow and Corporate Responsibility

by: Jennifer Rice

I’ve always been interested in leveraging Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to inform development of customer-based brand strategies. A couple years ago I wrote several posts about each of the stages (summary here).

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Effects of the Recession

by: Dick Stroud

The branding consultancy Clear (part of M&C Saatchi) has divided the way UK consumers are reacting to the recession into eight groups. The original article was published in Marketing Week – unfortunately it is subscriber only.

The most extreme group are those who are "cutting back". These tend to be older females on a lower income and have changed their behaviour the most, compared with any other group.

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