Futurelab. Let’s roll.

Today we are finally free to announce a burning ambition. We want to become Europe’s boldest, brightest, and most successful customer-centricity consultancy.

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'Clients Realize That to Succeed at Their Own Projects, They Need to Think like Consultants' - according to Consultant News. Not Sure It Is a Good Idea.

by: Idris Mootee

“Clients Realize That to Succeed at Their Own Projects, They Need to Think Like Consultants” is the headline of article from the Consultant News published by Kennedy Consulting Research. Clients shouldn't think like consultants, read on to understand why.

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Branding Is Creation Science

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

Branding giant Interbrand announced its "2008 Best Global Brands" last Friday, and reminded us that its methodology, not to mention the relevance and utility of its prognostications, amounts to little more than the Creation Science of the business world.

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A Personal Relationship Makes All the Difference

by: John Caddell

I am working on two consulting possibilities at the moment. #1 is right in my sweet spot, basically leveraging the work I've done the past fifteen years. #2 is more of a stretch, and would ask me to work in a few areas where I have peripheral knowledge or no experience at all.

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Can A Media Buying Giant Reinvent Itself?

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